Holy Ginger!

Pass me my Ginger water please!

Not only does ginger contain a digestive enzyme that helps break down proteins. It also has a relaxation effect on your intestines. This reduces inflammation in your colon, which helps the food you eat pass through your system more easily, which also reduces bloat and gas!!

This fun little root can be used in SO many ways…

Put a slice of fresh ginger in warm water, add lemon juice, raw honey and cinnamon for an amazing detox drink in the morning.

I always have a slice in my cold water! It makes the water extra refreshing! My baby is in love with this now too!

Traditional Medicinals makes an AMAZING ginger tea you can easily brew up.

Try adding fresh grated ginger to all your stir frys.

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Check out the Carrot Ginger soup from the new Fixate 2 cookbook, it’s seriously AMAZING!