Holy Shea!

Holy Shea Batman, I am obsessed with raw Shea butter! This has been a game changer! Now, I have all had some lotions or potions at some point that listed shea butter, and they were good, but nothing compares to pure form!  I started using shea butter on my face in my nightly routine about a month ago, not sure if it was going to make a difference. Well let me tell you....I feel like I have a fresh new face! My skin feels smoother, plumper and I feel the colour is more even. On top of that I am blow away with the SPF qualities. I have spend 3 long days working away gardening in the blaring sun with nothing but my shay butter on the face. Not even a red hue!  And Its not just me who noticed... I have had people comment that I  look refreshed and healthy! I contribute this to my super shine super hero mask that I apply every night! Now that I have read so much on shea butter in the raw form, I wonder why I have not tried it sooner!  

8 Benefits of Shea butter on the skin! 

-Highly Moisturizing

-Anti Inflammatory

-Relieves Sunburns

-Natural SPF

-Fades Dark Marks

-Calms irritated skin

-Restores Skin Elasticity

-Soothes Eczema

So, if you have been on the fence, I suggest to get your "shine" on!!