Let's Talk Bra FAT - 3 Tips

Ok I want a show of hands! Who has "adjusted" their armpit fat before taking a photo? I know I have! It seems at times, no matter how much you workout this little area.. (you know the one)... right beside your sports bra bulging up into your armpit. 

The truth is this is a hard area to target. A combination of good nutrient, cardio/ weight training, and proper consumption of water are all excellent in over all health and will bring down your BMI. So, what else can you do to target this area? 

1) Targeted workouts - I have included some key moves that you can incorporate to target the boob wings!

2) Posture- Really focus on maintaining good posture. This will elongate your look but also tones muscles, especially if you slouch often

3) Wrong Size Bra - This goes for clothes too! Your sport bra might just be too small. This goes for clothes and bras too. Now before you freak out....listen to me closely....the SIZE on the tag does not matter! I mean it, and I'm not saying that from the same cliché place you have heard it before. Trust me, I am a Fashion Designer! There is no such thing as industry standards in the fashion world nor does one manufacture cut one garment the same as the next. This leads to armpits in dresses fitting tight and being 2 sizes different from store to store. So go with what fits, not the size you figure you should buy. 

At the end of the day, don't hyper focus! You are getting stronger each day!