How to Fall in Love with Fitness

Ok I love working out! No its true, I really love it! But it wasn't always that way. I have always been active, felt strong and was fairly confident. Fast forward a bunch of years, a few babies, slower metabolism and boarder line depression. I remember the day everything changed. I had been so busy pleasing everyone else that I forgot to take care of myself. Worse than that I felt guilty if I was to get my nails done or spend any time working on myself. I worried I would appear vain or looked upon as selfish. But one day I was enough is enough. I had to make a change and this started with my mind set! I wanted my kids to see a strong Mom who could keep up with them, who wasn't afraid to take risks and try new things. I wanted the kids to see it was ok to feel and look confident.  So I dove in! I signed up to the gym, I got a personal trainer! I starting getting stronger.. So I signed up for Cross Fit, next I was doing Hot Yoga and signing up for extra boot camps on top of the Cross Fit classes I was doing. It was at that moment I realized I was hooked. I started meeting new people, started seeing the results and feeling more confident. This was a pivotal time in my life. I made ME a priority and I haven't stopped. So my advice is to fall in love with yourself, fall in love with your WHY and then fall in love with the process. Don't be looking for quick fixes, fall in love with the idea of new healthy lifestyle!