Get Your Steps In!


Not only will this boost your results after your 30-60min workout, but it is also amazing for your mindset! Self-care is just as important! Now that the weather is amazing, challenge yourself to get your steps in! Do you have a Fitbit, Apple Watch or something to track? You certainly don't need it, but it can give you a good benchmark from one day to the next as to how you are doing moving your body! You can pair with friends too!

Thought the week get up from your desk and take a 5 or 10-minute walk, or park far away from the store, take the stairs, or walk on your lunch break or after dinner as a family!

The more active you are throughout your day, the better results you are going to see from your workouts and nutrition. ALL the pieces to this puzzling matter, so go get your steps in! Who agrees?

And I didn't even plan the 2:22! How cool!